Information for contributed talks

As a presenter of a contributed talk (in particular the following does not apply to you if you are an invited speaker), you are expected to


The poster should be in A0-format. There are no further restrictions.

The following information about print shops near the venue is provided without any guarantee or responsibility from the organizers. Print shops can be searched using, e.g., Google Maps. Example of print shops near the conference venue:

We emphasize that this information is provided without any guarantee. In particular, these shops may be out of stock, unexpectedly closed, the staff may not speak English, etc.


For the talk presentation you can prepare slides either in pdf-format or powerpoint-format. In order to speed up the switch between speakers we require you to send us your slides before the conference.

The deadline is . Send the slides by email to the PC chair with subject Slides for paper (paper number) and attach the slides as a file named either (paper number).pdf or (paper number).pptx.